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Archival Pigment Print | Format: 43 cm x 53 cm | Edition: 6 (+2 AP)



We see that structure, form, energy and that certain intellectual indefinable something must relate to each other in a specific, formal relationship and that the essence can be perceived from the structure and form.

Carl Huter, psycho-physiognomist (1861-1912)


 We must be able to endure seeing the truth, but above all we must convey it to our fellow man and to posterity whether favorable or unfavorable to ourselves. (…) Therefore let me be honest and tell the truth about our age and its people.

August Sander (1876-1961)


 The systematic application of photography can reveal a broad range of social phenomena. In this manner, Lois Hechenblaikner has been working for the past seventeen years on this long-term photographic project in the form of physiognomic vignettes of time.

Folk music fans reflect a certain social strata, described by the sociologist Gerhard Schulze in his definitive book: „Die Erlebnisgesellschaft – Kultursoziologie der Gegenwart“, as a harmonious milieu. They are basically moved by the desire for a sane world, searching for a sense of security by escaping the existential struggle at least for a few hours. In an evil world the ego is searching for a state of harmony.

Using photography, Lois Hechenblaikner examines the resounding visual response by which the audience of popular folk music interacts with its protagonists in his series “Living sculptures”. He also documents the feedback which occurs: facial expressions, mimic, the look in their eyes, their gestures and clothing narrating at the level of non-verbal communication.
Gerhard Schulze writes in his classic work: “Desire for adventure is the expression of the most primordial search for happiness, a symbol of modern life. Only gradually do we become aware that we have not arrived at the end of all problems, but are now facing new and unusual difficulties.