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Fine Art Print, gerahmt | Formate: 160cm x 106cm (Auflage: 5 +2AP) u. 86cm x 59cm (Auflage: 7 +2AP)


Snow freaks

One of the prominent motifs of advertising for winter tourism is the first ski traces in the snow.. Pristine, virgin landscape and the promise to be the first to enjoy it! Such images can hardly be found in Hechenblaikner’s work. To the contrary, he documents traces, movement and formations of the public crowds. While the eyes of the spectators are following ski jumpers, downhill racers or pop stars, he is interested in the dynamics of the formation of crowds or how they are about to break up again. With oblique observation, people are seen to be moving as though in a painted scene. When using long exposure times, people are sometimes portrayed only as shadows, dimly, elusive, as a blur. Thanks to the optics of the apparatus’ gaze, things become visible, that would hardly be noticed by the human eye. The eye of the camera creates a polarity between what is in motion, like people, and what remains in place, like discarded beer cans.

Dr. Bernhard Kathan


The series “Snow freaks” consists of images, which could be called “optical illusions.” On the one hand the dynamic events in the photographs allow food for thought and make you think of the complete exploitation of mountain landscape. On the other hand, these are images of haunting beauty and this perception changes Hechenblaikner’s images from documentation to the artistic. They have the seductive quality of impressionism and remind you of painted scenes. And they penetrate deeply into our perception. Hence, a feature of good art has always been to produce ambivalence and multiple possibilities in reading pictures.

Walter Keller