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Archival Inkjet Print | 137,5 cm x 110 cm (Auflage: 5 +2 AP) u. 85 cm x 68 cm (Auflage: 6 +2 AP)

The pathology of glaciers (Alpine shrouds)

Whoever could provide “happiness without the risk of wasting time,” would rule the leisure market. Tourist places must mutate into marketplaces of the vanities in keeping with the new spirit that is befalling us. The new guest is a diva. And a diva needs a stage, one bulging with sports, music, fashion and communication. “The mountain is the toy of the future – an object of desire and longing.” Mountain landscape as a flirt! Only she is already wearing a shroud. There is less and less snow; the glaciers are melting away. Hence the efforts to preserve particularly important sections in glacier ski areas, such as those places where the melting would result in unmanageable precipices for skiers. Would it help to place whole glaciers in formalin? Today, the melting can only be delayed, be slowed down, by covering them with white sheets of plastic which reflect sunlight. These sheets are reminiscent of shrouds spread over dead bodies. The effect is exacerbated by the fact that the sheeting is pure white while the surrounding snow looks dirty.